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"For my work to bring enjoyment, not only to myself, but to others, is bliss!"
  Artist Statement


SamCuriosity, love of life, people and nature inform my work. Transporting the viewer’s awareness from the mundane, a successful piece of art embodies pleasing forms of color, movement and spirit that elicit appreciation and titillates the imagination. Working figuratively or abstract, the creative process involves an expressive vision of aesthetic intent manifested through mastery of medium, exploration, experimentation and the pursuit of my “Ideal”. Creating public, corporate and private works for over thirty-five years, I have collaborated with public committees, museums, architects, engineers, and art consultants producing a varied array of work. Working in several styles and mediums of bronze, stainless steel, stone, acrylic, LED lighting, watercolor and oil, site-specified commissions often influence the desired material coupled with the contextual style of the finished product. Whether it is a stunningly life-like full figure bronze or an oil painting portrait of a statesman or a suspended swirling vortex of sparkling, colorful bird forms ascending to the center of a sky lit dome, beauty of form and color, expression of idea, and the integrity of execution are the hallmarks of my art.

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